About Us


Why did we do this? Why did we create BigBagBoom?

Probably the time has come to expand the scope of our professional interests, find new friends, and indeed expand the horizons of world perception.

Our life and work have always been associated with the concepts of beauty, fashion and style.

We are a married couple from St. Petersburg, Russia. Sergey is a director, shoots videos, writes scripts. Lada is a stylist. We love to work and love to show off. We know how important it is for every woman to be self-confident and to feel sexy and stylish.

That is why we decided to start a family business and created a multi-brand online store of fashionable handbags. We are sure that every woman is an actress at heart, and every new bag is her new role in a new play. Your bag is the cherry on the cake, the finishing touch and the main detail of your new look. After all, everyone knows that uniqueness lies in the details, and fashion images are born in a woman's head every minute.

Send your new images with our bags to our Instagram @bigbagboom.store

We will be friends, inspire and be inspired!

Join our company of connoisseurs of style and beauty.